A Complex Estate

Janet was in her late 60s when she found herself at the head of the substantial and complex estate that her husband had managed alone. She and her adult children, all stakeholders, were in a state of confusion about how it worked and where each of them fit in.

One large estate held by multiple stakeholders and made up of many
moving parts—as an entity, it was a complete mystery to everyone involved.

In partnership with the family’s legal advisors, Granite Financial Partners was asked to make sense of the estate plan, including sophisticated investments, privately owned business interests, real estate, trusts, royalty income and intellectual capital.

After private meetings to learn what each person needed to feel comfortable and then skillfully dissecting the estate, GFP applied a little out-of- the-box thinking to the collective family office in the way of a flow chart. Seeing how all of the pieces fit together created an environment of stability and trust the family didn’t imagine possible. It also revealed the husband’s hard work and the exceptional planning of his advisors, who’d saved $370,000 in estate taxes, fostering a deep sense of gratitude for the gift they had received.