A Complex Estate

Janet was in her late 60s when she found herself at the head of the substantial and complex estate that her husband had managed alone. She and her adult children, all stakeholders, were in a state of confusion about how it worked and where each of them fit in. One large estate held by multiple […]

Making It Work for Everyone

Maybe you’re like Mr. and Mrs. Engel. They’ve been working long hours in their clothing and manufacturer’s rep business for almost 40 years and were ready to move on. Before they made the transition, though, they would spend three years collaborating with their son and daughter-in-law to make sure taking over the business was something […]

How The New Budget Affects Your Retirement Plan

The two-year budget deal recently signed by President Trump affects investors in many ways. Since few among us have the patience to read a 652-page government document in their limited free time, we’ve consolidated some of the more noteworthy changes, as they pertain to qualified retirement plans and individual retirement accounts (IRA). IRS Relief Under […]

Do’s & Don’ts For A Volatile Market

A big part of investing is human behavior. When the market takes big swings in one direction or another people react in unpredictable, but understandable ways. This can create stress and lead to poor decision makings. We’d like to help you mitigate those reactions with a few suggestions. Do: Call your advisor Your financial advisor […]

The Pension Problem

Public pensions in the United States are approaching a cliff. Everyone involved can see it coming, but the solutions to avoiding it are either unpalatable or unrealistic. This will have a significant impact on millions of Americans in retirement and yet all we can seem to do is to keep marching toward the cliff as […]