The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you’ve lost it.

The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you’ve lost it.

Growth Mode

Growth mode is an exciting time for most any company. You have the engine running at warp speed and you know that to scale successfully you need to play a different role. You understand the importance of building a strong management team and the systems necessary for maximizing your business value. You need to understand your options and develop an exit strategy.

Should you sell to a third party, transfer to a family member or create an ESOP program for employee ownership?

You want to understand your risks to develop the best approach. You may want to accelerate your plan.

These are the type of questions we can help you answer. GFP advisors can help you develop your strategy and build your infrastructure.

We can help you hire and select candidates or promote from within by developing your internal resources. Often difficult decisions which can impact performance and relationships, at all levels. How do you mitigate and make the best choices, with minimum casualties? We can help.

GFP consulting and coaching services include:

  • Retain & Reward key personnel
  • Team Building and Leadership Development
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Consulting & Coaching
  • Succession & Legacy Planning

Case Study

A Complex Estate.
Demystifying a Substantial Family Estate.

The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns.

~ Benjamin Graham

Peace of Mind

We don’t make recommendations unless we complete the True North process. The True North process allows you to be a fearless investor by determining how much risk you can take vs. how much you need to take to achieve your goals.

Depending on the complexity we can provide you with a probability range which will show what is normal for your portfolio.

This allows us to understand  that any 6 month result that falls within this range is right on track.

Retain & Reward Key Personnel

Often a strong portion of a business’ revenue can be tied directly to a few people. Be it a star salesman, a high ranking executive, or a head chef, you likely lean most heavily on a select few of your staff. Showing them proper appreciation, incentivizing performance, and enabling them to utilize their talents are all in the best interest of your business. Our advisors can be the architects behind the ideal plan to make sure the human side of your business is properly aligned to your goals.

Team Building & Leadership Development

We know that the key to scaling your business is to build a strong management team of high quality leaders. As your company grows this becomes more and more essential and requires getting the right people, in the right positions through either promotion or hiring. If your choice is promotion then the next biggest challenge is usually management development.

Our experience in this area is extensive. As a result, we have assembled the tools and support services needed to assist you in meeting these challenges.

The key areas of support and tools include:

  • Selection Tools for hiring and promoting the right people, based on job fit and potential.
  • Job Modeling for any position. Assessments for candidate analysis and comparison.
  • Coaching programs for Leadership & Management Development and Conflict Management
  • Training for leadership, management and communications. (interoffice/departmental, sales, customer service)
  • Team Building & Development

Insurance & Risk Management

A comprehensive business continuity plan addresses every aspect of a successful business exit.

It allows you to set up a chain of command that becomes active when an owner exits by desire, dies or becomes incapacitated, allowing the business to run seamlessly even in the owner’s absence.

It incentivizes key employees to continue their top-notch work even as the owner begins the process of exiting, making it more lucrative for key employees to help the owner exit than it would be to force the owner to pay exorbitant amounts to keep them from leaving or damaging the company’s value.

It even guides the owner’s family members regarding how they can manage any unexpected situations with minimal stress or changes to lifestyle.

Our True North process considers the owner’s goals for the business, his or her family, and his or her employees. We walk owners through all the what-if scenarios in an organized way to compile all of the owner’s goals, needs, and strategies to achieve those goals.

We then build full, complex business continuity arrangements for more-complicated ownership structures. This helps business owners avoid the trap of oversimplifying their strategies to assure business continuity.

Our Business Continuity service helps owners protect against the unexpected while strengthening the foundations of their businesses.

Consulting & Coaching

The True North process is our consulting process we utilize for every client so that we understand both your business and life objectives. This enables us to develop the best strategies to achieve your desired results by helping you close the GAP between your current situation and your desired outcomes.

This is often the best place to start your exit planning which can take 5 or more years to complete successfully.

Our Coaching support services are about identifying any obstacles, developing solutions, and overseeing the implementation of the required changes to achieve these objectives, from design to outcome.

What gives us the ability to achieve the results is a unique combination of experience and expertise in financial and exit planning, and over 25 years in team building, organizational development and leadership.

We believe that any individual or organization given the right strategy, tools and support can break through to new levels of performance, life satisfaction and success.

Our business coaching and consulting can help you focus your efforts to make your vision a reality.

Succession & Legacy Planning

Now that you have built your business into a profitable entity it is time to think longer term. By having these long range discussions about your vision for your business and retirement, the right groundwork can be put in place to make your final run to the entrepreneurial finish line as smooth as possible.

Our Process

The foundation of our client partnerships is our comprehensive wealth planning process, which transcends simple financial planning to provide high-level wealth preservation strategies and ongoing/enduring/consistent coaching.

Our Mission

At Granite Financial Partners, our mission is to simplify complex issues and remove barriers to success. To this end, our customized wealth preservation plans align human, intellectual, social, and financial capital in order to unlock the full power of your resources.


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