Kelsey Bailey

Client Services Administrator

Kelsey Bailey on LinkedIn

Kelsey supports our client onboarding, data collection, and various back-office efforts. She joined us in 2020 with eight years of client-service, data-management, and process-improvement experience in the medical, health, and allied-health fields. The financial field is similar, she says, in that client service, and the meticulous collection, recording, analyzing, and communication of data can be of critical importance.

“Finances can be stressful, even overwhelming,” says Kelsey. “I’ve always been passionate about making clients feel comfortable. I like being in the middle— helping to make sure clients are getting everything they need.”

Kelsey holds a bachelor of science degree in forestry from the University of Maine. A resident of Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, she became a mother in 2020 and enjoys spending time with her daughter Maggie. Kelsey also enjoys gardening and, when the mood strikes her, cooking.

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