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Luciana began partnering with GFP in 2020, after seven years in financial planning, business strategy, and tax consulting. She has long been focused on advising small businesses.

Luciana says her client relationships are characterized by in-depth communication and attention to detail. “Constant communication is key,” she says. “I’m always addressing concerns, asking questions, following up, staying super involved, and letting clients know I’m available. My goal is to truly understand everything about my client’s needs and goals. Until I have that full understanding, I don’t proceed. I find the answers I need, so I can deliver the value my clients deserve.”

Luciana holds a BS in corporate finance and accounting, and an MS in financial planning and taxation—both from Bentley University. She’s also a Certified Financial Planner.™

Since 2019, she has donated her time and expertise as a member of the board of directors for The Center for Hope and Healing in Lowell, MA—a nonprofit dedicated to eliminating sexual violence. She also volunteers at soup kitchens and helps with fundraisers in support of various causes she cares about. She enjoys hiking, camping, travel, and being with friends and family.

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