Megan Menard

Administrative Assistant

Megan joined our team in October 2022 after working as an investor contact for HarborOne Mortgage, where she was involved with data analysis, office administration, investor relations, customer service, and project management.

During her time with HarborOne, she became one of the youngest recipients of their annual “Fab 5” award, which recognizes the top five employees who have gone above and beyond by upholding the company’s key principles: Accountability, Technology, Teamwork, Responsibility, and Respect.

“I always try to keep a very positive attitude in the office,” Megan says of her personality. “I find that a little bit of lighthearted humor can break through stress and put people at ease.” “When a client walks into our office,” says Megan, “we want them to feel at ease—like they’re at home.”

“My greatest skill is probably my attention to detail. Since I work with documents where a misplaced number, comma, or letter could have serious ramifications, I feel as if I’m perfectly matched for this job role.”

Megan admits to creating a daily to-do list in order to stay on top of things. She is grateful to be able to use her organization skills to serve people and help them achieve their goals.

A connoisseur of the arts, Megan’s real passion is cooking and baking, much to the benefit of those who work in the office with her. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of New Hampshire and volunteers her time to support the Moebius Syndrome community.

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