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Time and time again we meet clients who say they wish they’d met with us sooner, when one of life’s many challenges hit their business or personal life. While it is often not too late for us to step in and help, the ideal solutions come before or immediately after some of these big changes. If you have recently considered or experienced a significant shift, a prompt meeting with the GFP advisor team is essential to ensure your goals are met.

Such change comes in many forms but here are a few that we observe frequently, for your consideration:

  • Acquisition or sale of commercial property
  • Departure or recruiting of key employees
  • Executive compensation packages
  • Retirement of an owner
  • Role change within a family business
  • Fair compensation of family members active in the business
  • Approached by outside purchasers
  • Fundamental disagreement among owners
  • Transfer of estate
  • Concerned with investment performance

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