Tamara Kowalczyk

Financial Planner

Tamara joined us in September 2022 after working nearly six years at Ridley Cove Financial Advisors. While at Ridley Cove, Tamara helped develop comprehensive financial plans for clients and had the opportunity to experience many different aspects of the financial services business. This solidified her interest in financial planning, as opposed to sales, marketing, or investment management.

“Helping people to see ‘beyond the numbers’ is most of the work,” says Tamara. “Money is emotional. You have to understand your clients’ needs and goals to help them make rational, versus emotional, decisions for themselves.”

“After college, I worked briefly as a tax accountant — which I did not find fulfilling — but I learned that I prefer to engage at a broader and much more personal level, where the ultimate goal is to help clients to balance their current lifestyle with the funding of future goals.”

Tamara holds a Master of Science degree in Financial Planning from Bentley University. She loves international travel, and even spent a month teaching the English language in Poland. She enjoys being immersed in different cultures because, in her words, “It forces you to be in the moment and not just rush through an itinerary of things to see.”

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