Business Continuity Planning: Deficiencies & Remedies

For many owners, business continuity planning means simply signing a buy-sell agreement early in the company’s life and filing it away. Unfortunately, most buy-sell agreements cannot support an owner’s primary exit goals; namely, selling the business when you want, for the amount you want, and to the successor you choose.

Business Continuity Planning for Sole Owner Businesses

Owning a business without co-owners can be great: You get to make all final decisions and reap all profits. But sole ownership has its disadvantages. One of the biggest is that, without a successor owner standing in the wings, your business may not continue if something happens to you.

Building an Advisor Team That Works for You (Not Against Each Other)

Building a business is challenging enough as it is. With the right Advisor Team, you can focus on business challenges while your advisors create strategies that help you compound your success in the future. But how do you build an Advisor Team that works for you instead of against each other? Consider the story of […]

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