Business Continuity: Is Your Business Built on Sand or Stone?

 The strongest businesses often have written plans for how to address unexpected events and mitigate risk, known as business continuity instructions. Their owners ask questions like, “What happens if a co-owner or I die?” “How do we protect key employees from competitors?” and “How do we address interruptions in our supply chain?” Here are three […]

Why Specific Goals Should Also Be Fuzzy

A longstanding credo for successful business planning is to make specific goals. However, there is such a thing as being overly specific in your goals to the detriment of other things that matter to you. Let’s look at how adding fuzziness to specific goals can make your business planning strategies more fulfilling.

Keeping the Family Business Running and the Business Family Happy

Running a successful business is complex per se. Adding the element of “family” to a business often creates more complexities, especially as the business grows. Lifelong family bonds and expectations can run headlong into business realities and needs. Today, we’ll share some ideas about how to keep the family business running and the business family […]

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