Exit Planning: What to Do When Everyone’s Ready for Your Retirement Except You

What to Do When Everyone’s Ready for Your Retirement Except You

Many successful business owners (and their families) look forward to retirement. After years of hard work, retirement lets business owners kick up their feet and live the dream. But what if everyone is ready for your retirement except you? Consider the story of Felix Bellissima, a fictional but representative owner who faced this fate.

Patching Holes in Business-Continuity Plans

For many owners, business-continuity planning is comprised of creating a buy-sell agreement early in the company’s existence and filing it away. Unfortunately, on their own, buy-sell agreements are generally too simplistic to handle the complexities of exiting a business in style (i.e., selling the business when you want, for the amount you want, and to […]

Building an Advisor Team That Works for You (Not Against Each Other)

Building a business is challenging enough as it is. With the right Advisor Team, you can focus on business challenges while your advisors create strategies that help you compound your success in the future. But how do you build an Advisor Team that works for you instead of against each other? Consider the story of […]

The Importance of Reviewing Your Performance

 As the year winds down, it’s important for business owners to raise their awareness of last year’s performance. Knowing what you did well, along with where you struggled, is crucial to planning for future success. Today, we’ll show you three categories that you can review—strategic performance, tactical performance, and financial performance—and some questions you may […]

The Common Element Among Unique and Successful Businesses

 Successful business owners may face a conundrum as they pursue success. “Though my competitors do something similar, they don’t do it the way I do it. So, how do I know the right way to achieve success, especially if I don’t do things their way?” 

Planning Is a Team Sport: Which Teammates Do You Need?

 You are a talented business owner. It’s why you win in your market. But when it comes to long-term planning, having an intelligent team to support your talents can position you for even bigger wins, such as continued business success, financial independence, and fulfilling retirement. Today, we’ll show you some of the expert teammates with […]

How Time Can Affect Planning Success

Time is the one consistent element that affects all business planning. It’s also something that business owners can harness with proper planning. When harnessed properly, time can be your best planning friend. When ignored, it can turn the best intentions into a planning nightmare. Let’s look at how time— and how each owner used it—affected […]

Protecting Yourself Against Employee Risk

Successful business owners constantly strive for growth. And when everything’s humming along, it can be easy to think the good times will last forever. However, it’s crucial to protect yourself, your company, and your future against employee risk throughout your growth and planning. While it’s likely that many of your employees are good people working […]

Why Communication Is Essential to Successful Planning

The one thing that makes humans unique (and the most dominant species on the planet) is our ability to communicate using language. Why, then, do so many business owners fail to communicate their business plans—both short term and long term—to those who can best help them achieve them? A business plan isn’t something to tuck […]

What’s the Point of Asset Protection?

 As a successful business owner, you know how important asset protection is. However, many business owners look past an important question when protecting their assets: “Why am I doing this?” A cursory glance at that question might make an owner say, “Because I’ve worked hard to create what I’ve got.” But that raises another question: […]