Get To Know Your Team

The Global Financial Steward® (GFS) designation is the financial service industry’s first leadership and stewardship designation.  As a Global Financial Steward we undergo extensive training utilizing a new body of research called Leader Metrics® which provides a framework that can be used to substantiate multiple professional standards of care including fiduciary, governance and project management.

It guides us and has many components, including:

  • Managing all of our current resources with wisdom and integrity
  • Consistently educating ourselves with knowledge from reliable sources
  • Considering how and why our decisions impact those around us
  • Removing the fears and myths and masks that stymie our intentions
  • Understanding the relationship between money and other areas of our lives
  • Taking personal accountability for how we gather and use our financial resources – money, tangible assets, human capital (earnings potential), time, legacies, and more
  • Invoking universal abundance with respect and responsibility
  • Learning to view money as a currency, a tool, without judgment labels attached

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Jonathan J. Edwards


Matthew Cahill

Senior Advisor and Chief Compliance Officer

Eunice H. Halbedel

Operations Manager

Michael Finnegan - Granite Financial Partners

J. Michael Finnegan

Case Design Analyst

Tom Carver - Granite Financial Partners

H. Thomas Carver

Case Design Analyst

Cassie - Granite Financial Partners

Cassandra Elise Morgan

Administrative Assistant

Our Process

The foundation of our client partnerships is our comprehensive wealth planning process, which transcends simple financial planning to provide high-level wealth preservation strategies and ongoing/enduring/consistent coaching.

Our Philosophy

At Granite Financial Partners, our mission is to simplify complex issues and remove barriers to success. To this end, our customized wealth preservation plans align human, intellectual, social, and financial capital in order to unlock the full power of your resources.